Our Mission

EOSM has been created to give projects on EOS the best chance possible to achieve their full potential. 

With new projects being funded by Pomelo EOSM aims to ensure the projects receive recognition before and after funding. We aim to help onboarding and then with our free consultancy program give each project a path and trajectory to achieve the exposure they deserve. 

EOSM aims to keep all EOS tokens received for further services beyond consultancy within the EOS communities and on the blockchain. 

Giving Back

Due to the generosity of the community funding Pomelo projects, and the organisations matching that funding such as The Foundation and B1. EOSM would like to do our part and also contribute to the many great projects arriving to EOS.


That is why EOSM pledges to recirculate a percentage of all profit back into the Pomelo funding pot each month. 

We also hope to outsource some of our services to other great projects that we support in the community. 

We are currently collaborating with EOS BEESTM and will be organising a marketing package to ensure influencers work for your business in multiple languages. 


Our Story

We are here for the love of EOS. 

After being part of the EOS community for over a year we have decided that a marketing service dedicated to the EOS ecosystem could help drive and bring about the recognition deserved for the high-quality projects on EOS and illuminate the true potential of one of the world's fastest blockchains. 

We also want to ensure that no project is left out, that is why we have decided to provide free marketing services for all projects that the community has funded on Pomelo or has been directly funded by The Foundation or B1. 

The EOS community has a great wealth of amazing talent, and we will work with as many people as we possibly can.


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