Tipit provides one of the easiest ways to get people into EOS. Once in the EOS ecosystem tipit introduces other EOS based tokens, rewards contributors, creates promotions, and soon will generate and distribute NFTs. tipit consists of a friendly bot on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Github, Twitch, and tipit.io supporting over 70 eosio tokens on EOS, Telos, and WAX blockchains. Influencers and promoters deposit tokens directly into their tipit social wallet allowing them to raise awareness of their project, their unique tokens, and reward users for engagement.

Tipit has been operating since December 2018 and has over 12,000 users.

tipit has been a free to use community service (gift economy) to build awareness and adoption of EOS and eosio. In order to expand funding is now needed to support development, operations, and new capabilities such as NFTs.

Use of Funds:

Tipit has been self funding up to now, but with an influx of capital our team would be able to redirect some of it’s focus back to operations and adding new features and capabilities to our platform.

Any received funding will be spent in accordance with the main goal of improving operations and adding new features to tipit. All movement and use of received funds for this purpose will be presented to the community through the Transparency of Community Funds initiative that Eden Chief Delegate, Chris Barnes, is leading.

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