EOS Marketing

EOS Marketing is here to support EOS community projects.

Ensuring their marketing goals are achieved, and their full potential is realised.

Our public good services outlined above will help everyone applying for the next round of Pomelo funding. Working together, we can expect every future Pomelo pitch to not only look amazing but really capture the attention of the readers, resulting in the maximisation of the funding potential for each individual project.

We are expecting new project developers to come to EOS after hearing and seeing the tremendous success of the first round of Pomelo Funding. We hope to provide another added value on top of the Pomelo incentives so that people from outside our current community have more of a reason to launch via EOS.

Come to EOS and receive free marketing before and after receiving your Pomelo funding to launch your project.

We think you will agree, that sounds rather inviting. 🚀

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