EOS Power Network

A set of open-source smart contracts and a nodeos plugin that empower businesses on EOS to use pull transactions (like recurring subscriptions or donations). Check out this 3-minute video for a quick intro to the EPN:


Scalable and secure.

I will get zero special treatment from the EPN, 100% of generated revenue is used to serve three purposes:

  1. Generate yield for EPN supporters

  2. Incentivize hodling EOS

  3. Improve alignment between EOS stakeholders and block producers

If I’ve piqued your interest, check out the website eospower.network. For a deeper dive, read the full technical whitepaper.


Lead architect & smart-contract developer - James Mart (Working on EPN full-time since August 2021):

  • 15 years - C++ programmer

  • 6 years - Senior C++ software engineer & project lead at a global semiconductor equipment manufacturer

  • 3 years - Co-founder & CTO of a failed startup that ran from 2015 to 2018 (failure is an excellent teacher)

  • 4 years - EOS community veteran, involved since before the chain was live

  • 1 year - Full-stack engineer and smart contract developer at Dappiness

Design & front-end lead:

  • I’ve identified a seasoned front-end engineer who has committed to leaving his full-time front-end dev job to work with me if I can provide him a comparable salary to what he currently makes.


The bare minimum amount of money I need to raise to accomplish three primary goals is USD $200,000.

These three goals are:

  1. $120,000 - Pay salary for design & front-end lead

  2. $30,000 - Pay for at least one full smart contract audit

  3. $50,000 - Pay salary for myself

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