Hypha DHO

Bringing DAO's to EOS with a 3+ year old production DAO and team.

Hypha knows DAO's and DAC's as we've been building tools as a DAO full-time for 3+ years now with over 100 contributing members. We've been using our DAO for all member payments, policy decisions, governance and contribution accounting for Hypha itself.

EOSIO is the ideal foundation for DAO's affording us the ability to do what no other chain can, such as providing the worlds first 100% on-chain and fee-free DAO!

Since EOSIO is the only blockchain that supports fee-free on-chain programmable organisations!

Hypha believes DAO's are essential infrastructure for Web3.0 and could be what sets the eosio ecosystem apart and above the rest (fee-free on-chain governance).

Hypha's built an automated EOS-based batch treasury system (Hypha pays out all it's members using EOS, as the most liquid, instant to send and fee-free token, it just makes sense). This infrastructure will encourage teams to hold their treasuries in EOS to make batch DAO payments (as we do and provide the tools for others to do).

Over 3 years we've built out a full-suite of governance tools inspired by Sociocracy, Holocracy, Teal Organisations, and holonic democracy - We've built DAO primitives such as:

  • Roles (providing recurring payouts)

  • Quests (milestone payouts based on delivery)

  • Contributions (standard DAO payouts)

  • Badges/NFT's (ability to give bonuses & special rights)

  • Unique token payouts (each DAO has their own value token)

  • Unique governance tokens (each DAO can assign governance separate from the utility/value token)

  • Payment tokens (each DAO can issue their own USD stable coin backed by their EOS token treasury)

  • Multisig section for treasury payouts or code changes

  • and much more

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