Navigate, Create, Share, Publish, Collaborate around visual and searchable information on EOS. Thanks to MindWeb.io, your online collaborative Platform.

• With MindWeb MindMaps that you can navigate, search for words, share, collaborate, publish.

• You can create them directly online with the "MindWeb Knowledge Builder"

or upload them from your computer on MindWeb.

• Totally compatible with your mobile phone.

• Useful for: Publishers, Educators, Support.

• Will be available in different languages thanks to translations services provided

by EOS Bees.

• Recognize Eden on EOS accounts

• MindWeb.io - MindWeb MindMaps can be integrated into other websites.

You will be able to use a “MindWeb Data Connector” compatible with Discord

Servers to create automatically MindWeb MindMaps.

Support MindWeb.io on Pomelo


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