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EOS Daily is a one-stop comprehensive information platform focusing on EOS ecology, which is initiated by Eden funded community.

As we all know, Chinese community is the largest community in EOS ecology. It was and is the largest community. The influence of Chinese community on EOS can not be ignored.

EOS Daily participated in Eden's first formal election and won the first round of election. At the beginning of the project, it is mainly aimed at the Chinese community. At present, the Chinese community has few access to EOS related information.

The EOS information obtained is also diverse, and there are many misunderstandings about EOS. There are true and false messages, so it is difficult for users to distinguish between true and false. This development will be more and more bad for the reputation of EOS and the project development in EOS ecology. The grapefruit News Forum supports creators to create, so as to obtain economic incentives.

This is the main source of content, so that users in the ecology can participate. In addition, developers in the ecosystem lack display and promotion channels for their DAPP applications, and display and promotion on some platforms need to pay a large fee, which is very unfriendly to startups.

Each project party can open an exclusive section in the forum, so that the project party and users can discuss various problems and suggestions, shorten the distance between the project party and users, and promote the better development of relevant projects.

Therefore, EOS Daily was launched to solve the above problems.

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